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1. All NEW YMU members are to post an Introduction within 25 days ofjoining or you are at the risk of being deleted. You must also postevery 3 months after that, if not you are at risk of being deleted.

2.Spammingis not permitted on Young Mums Unite. If a member or guest starts toleave SPAM on our forum they will be issued with a warning. If theypersist on Spamming they will be Deleted Straight away after thewarning.

3. Please do not advertise your site or any other siteswithout the permissions of our Administrators or Moderators. If this isdone, the post WILL be deleted and you will be issued with a warning.PLEASE ask the YMU team about advertising. Thank you.

4. Thereis to be NO copying from the Young Mums Unite Forum or Homepage unlessyou have written permission from the Administration (Beck or Charlene).If you do want to use content from YMU please do not hesitate to ask.

5. You may also notice that there are forums that require more rules. Please follow these!

6.If you decide to leave Young Mums Unite for any reason, Please do notrequest for any content (other than photos) to be removed from theForum. As this is a very time consuming job for the Administration todo and not necessary. Most post are "Hidden" after a certain amount oftime.

7. Members & Guests must show a great deal of respect to each other on Young Mums Unite This includes Admin too!

8.PersonalAttacks are NOT ALLOWED on Young Mums Unite. This forum is for Supportand friendship and isnít for fighting! If you have a problem with amember or Team member please contact them personally or alternativelycontact Admin (Beck and Charlene) or the Head Moderator (Kat). If youdo chose to contact the person directly, please send us the same PM andexplain your side of the situation.

9. Members must not argueor disagree with a guest, member, moderator or Administrator where itcan be read by other members. It is just not necessary.

10.Please Stay respectful to others we do not ban swearing but we wouldappreciate if you could keep a certain level of respect for our membersby keeping the language to an all time minimum.

11. Usernamesare not to be changed by Members. If you would like your usernamechanged, please contact the Admin and ask for it to be changed. If wedo change it, please write a new post in Announcement so other membersknow of the change, and you can be recognised easier!

12. Thereis only allowed ONE account per person. Multiple accounts, Alias's andsimilar are NOT ALLOWED at Young Mums Unite! We do often check IPaddresses.

13. You have to remain visible to ALL members. Inyour profile, you can choose to remain "Hidden" or "Seen". Some membersfind that people who are hidden are sneaky and dont trust them a wholedeal.

14.Last but not least, DONíT forget to have fun and be as Supportive and Friendly as you possibly can be.